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Simon Hunter Receives M.B.E. for Service to Business and the Economy

Hunter’s CEO Simon Hunter Esq, M.B.E. visited Windsor Castle in November 2021 to receive his M.B.E. in recognition of his Service to Business and the Economy throughout his 25 years’ service to this professional clothing and PPE sector. Simon and his wife Roisin Hunter, who is also Hunter’s CFO attended the ceremony. 

Simon Said,  

“Receiving the letter to say I would receive an MBE was a thrill, seeing the publication in the gazette was too. The day itself at Windsor will stay as an incredibly special memory for the rest of my life.”  

Simon has now been the CEO of Hunter for 12 years and has led the company through a transformation from being a professional clothing company to a technology and innovation leader in the professional clothing and PPE sector.  

Simon is also a Chartered Director, a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, an overall winner of the UK Director of the Year Award from the IOD, and a founding Director of the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW).  

During 2020 Hunter supplied 55 million items of PPE to the front line across the UK by focusing on the Hunter “Purpose”, with the core team working 7 days a week for months on end inspired by the opportunity to make a societal contribution at the peak period of the pandemic.  

Simon is currently leading the company towards its a Vivid Vision of how the company will continue to innovate and scale by 2025 solidifying its reputation as being the “Go-to Provider of Better”. 

Simon's Hunter & Roisin Hunter MBE

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