The Hunter Way makes us unique

The unique services within The Hunter Way comprehensively manages the complete journey of professional clothing using our industry leading, highly scalable, proprietary software.

ISO Scoping

We have secured ISO accreditation within our business establishing a world-leading performance structure for Managed Service of Apparel and PPE Products

Design and Development of Bespoke Clothing

Our extensive knowledge of materials, fabrication and tailoring means every garment is perfectly purpose-built.

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Smart Fabrics and Innovative Technology

We adopt the latest innovations – from nanotech fabrics to embedded sensors – to improve the real-world performance of our products.

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Online Sizing, Ordering & Fulfilment System

Get all your uniforms measured to fit, then delivered directly to employees through HunterPAC®, our intuitive, tailored online ordering system.

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Garment lifecycle tracking and decontamination

Have your workwear and PPE cleaned and maintained regularly in HunterCARE®. Our specialist laundries increase the life of your PPE assets.

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To compliment The Hunter Way solution, we have the ability to source from a vast range of global suppliers. Hunter’s global supply chain of specialist, niche PPE suppliers allow us to provide a one stop shop for all of our client’s needs.

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