Oil, Gas & Energy

We understand the high expectations the Oil, Gas and Energy sector has around workwear, PPE, health and safety, technology, and sustainability. Our solution is known as The Hunter Way.

What sets us apart is our ability to deploy industry leading technology to design, manufacture and deliver products for the Oil, Gas and Energy sector at scale across remote parts of the world.

HunterPAC® enables vast organisations to efficiently manage all aspects of workwear, PPE and operational accessories though a centralised online platform.

We can also embed track and trace technology into garments for maintenance scheduling and managing the life cycle of the product, all supported by our own fulfilment and garment software that guarantees just-in-time delivery.

Our team is highly skilled in selecting and sourcing the vast types of products required in these sectors, and our UK R&D and manufacturing facility enables rapid product development and operational resilience across your workforce.

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“Hunters hallmark is their innovation and exceptional technological edge. Their Dynamic Ordering Platform is the jewel in the crown of their offering and delivers the entire service to the customer effortlessly.”

Chris Murray CBE – VP Agility DGS Europe – Ex Brigadier General Royal Logistics Corp

Avanti West Cost Trains

“The Team at Hunter are all professional, friendly, efficient and proactive and the availability of the Senior Team to help support our business when required and help us to remain agile when the needs arises.”

Timothy Mathew – Uniform Account Manager

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Recent developments include an Arc Flash stretch trouser for workers within the Renewables sector delivering greater comfort for staff that perform challenging work in environments loaded with personal risk.

Hunter ensure that the bespoke designed ranges of PPE which we create are compatibility tested with other PPE that wearers use. Footwear and gloves are tested at their interfaces with jackets and trousers from our Arc Flash PPE.

Hunter can offer unique 247 365 product availability even in remote areas using our unique technology led approach, reducing cost, while improving access. If you demand more, talk to Hunter.

The Hunter way your single source solution.

Companies and organisations within the Oil, Gas and Energy sector have uniquely benefited from our four innovative services within The Hunter Way. We have provided track and trace control systems for managing and maintaining their PPE garments along with using our unique AI powered sizing system in conjunction with our award-winning online clothing portal allowing for fast efficient distribution to users with management oversight.

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Online body measuring software

Leading UK provider of Artificial Intelligence-driven technology solutions.

Using just the front-end camera of any smartphone or tablet, our body measuring platform captures measurements with great accuracy by applying a proprietary combination of computer vision, deep-learning computer algorithms and artificial intelligence. It delivers a personalized size recommendation tailored to fit each individual employee. It allows the quick and easy measurement of thousands of employees – anytime and anywhere. We will create operation uptime for you on the front line.

To compliment The Hunter Way solution, we have the ability to source from a vast range of global suppliers. Hunter’s global supply chain of specialist, niche PPE suppliers allow us to provide a one stop shop for all of our client’s needs.

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