Essential PPE & Workwear

Hunter focuses our business only on frontline key workers and therefore focuses on Essential PPE and Workwear. Essential key workers in critical manufacturing and other critical sectors are core business for Hunter.

We have specialised in delivering essential PPE for key workers and front-line services for many years and have been awarded globally for our work. The PPE that we offer ranges from lifesaving garments for firefighters to single use disposable healthcare aprons. Our specialist design and technical expertise provides specific assessments and technical evaluations across numerous industries.

We incorporate our full understanding of essential workwear with our experience in the uses of PPE to assess and design from the body out, balancing the safety requirement with the ability to deliver comfort and fit during the physical aspects of specialist work activity. Our logistical and fulfilment software systems not only allow us to deliver at scale, but also to serve specialist solutions for individuals.

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Highlands and Islands Airports

“As a new customer of Hunter, we have found the setup process easy to administer and the quality of the clothing and PPE supplied meets our needs fully. The levels of customer support provided have been exemplary and the team at Hunter have worked hard to meet our (occasionally complicated) requirements. We’re looking forward to a long and successful relationship with Hunter.”

James Millar – CFO

UK Border Force

“Hunters have successfully serviced Home Office staff requirements for a variety of special requirements / measures throughout our contract. Hunters manufacturing and technical expertise is assisting with Home Office policy of becoming one of the UK’s most inclusive employers. Hunter has been able to provide uniform solutions to staff in all areas with medical conditions, allergies, outsizes, diversity and maternity needs. This ability to service these staff as part of the contract is essential to the Home Office as an inclusive employer.”

Lynn Ballard – Assistant Director

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Hunter rose to the challenge during the early part of the Covid pandemic delivering over 55 million PPE items to front line workers when global supply chains were in a period of high stress.

Hunter protects workers in the most dangerous professions. Highly skilled Hunter staff, backed by key learnings from our BSIF membership and training keep Hunter at the forefront of protection.

Hunter uniquely have been awarded the UK’s top “Safety Solution” award twice for our work in helping protect front line workers using our technology led approach. Our evidence-based approach assures our clients that they are in safe hands with The Hunter Way.

The Hunter way your single source solution.

Many of the world’s companies and organisations have uniquely benefited from our four innovative services within The Hunter Way. We have provided track and trace control systems for managing and maintaining their PPE garments along with using our unique Ai powered sizing system in conjunction with our award-winning online clothing portal allowing for fast efficient distribution to users with management oversight.

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Online body measuring software

Leading UK provider of Artificial Intelligence-driven technology solutions.

Using just the front-end camera of any smartphone or tablet, our body measuring platform captures measurements with great accuracy by applying a proprietary combination of computer vision, deep-learning computer algorithms and artificial intelligence. It delivers a personalized size recommendation tailored to fit each individual employee. It allows the quick and easy measurement of thousands of employees – anytime and anywhere. We will create operation uptime for you on the front line.

To compliment The Hunter Way solution, we have the ability to source from a vast range of global suppliers. Hunter’s global supply chain of specialist, niche PPE suppliers allow us to provide a one stop shop for all of our client’s needs.

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