We are seeking a pathway beyond mere sustainability. We love infinitely reusable. We clean water and create oxygen.

CEO Simon Hunter Esq, M.B.E., talks about delivering sustainability across Hunter in as many ways as possible.

Sectors we specialise in

Fire Service

Hunter's focus is on providing a world-leading technology and decontamination solution to help reduce the risks of long latency disease.

Rail & Transport

Award winning designs to put your brand front and centre. We listen to your staff and create comfortable, contemporary, sustainable uniforms and PPE solutions that work.

Ports & Airports

Hunter is in the unique position of having supplied workwear and PPE to every single Airport and Port in the UK, as well as having supplied to Airlines and Airports internationally.

Local Authorities

Designed and developed for a specific purpose, we supply uniforms, PPE and workwear for the diverse tasks carried out by Local Authorities.

Oil, Gas & Energy

We understand the high expectations the Oil, Gas and Energy sector has around workwear, PPE, health and safety, technology, and sustainability. Our solution is known as The Hunter Way.

Essential PPE & Critical Infrastructure

Hunter focuses our business only on frontline key workers and therefore focuses on Essential PPE and Workwear. Essential key workers in critical manufacturing and other critical sectors are core business for Hunter.

Healthcare & Care Homes

Frontline healthcare care workers are at the core of our purpose. With over 86 years of experience designing garments and PPE for this sector, we have revolutionised how many healthcare organisations look, feel, and manage their professional clothing across diverse and expansive workforces.

Police & Prisons

We design and develop specialist workwear, PPE and technical solutions for all aspects of Police and Prison officers' roles.

We have shaped our capability and innovation to deliver garments and products for the organisations and industrial activities that society depends on. We want to maximise the knowledge and expertise we have gained were it can be best used to support these individuals to do their jobs safely, using advanced technology to protect and levels of fit and comfort so they can concentrate on their important core activity. We want to produce specialised high performance garments to match the unique needs of each user.

ISO Scoping

We have secured ISO accreditation within our business establishing a world-leading performance structure for Managed Service of Apparel and PPE Products

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