Local Authorities

Designed and developed for specific purpose, we supply uniforms, PPE and workwear for the diverse tasks carried out by Local Authorities.

Local authorities carry out a wide range of services for their communities and have a duty of care to the people working for them. We provide garments and accessorised kit for the multiple requirements within local authorities, but more importantly, have shown them the financial and performance benefits of remote sizing, logistical management and distribution to individuals in varied locations. Our proprietary technology systems can also deliver efficiencies and enhance longevity of garment life, which in turn provides sustainability benefits. We can provide care and maintenance as well as decontamination of hazardous materials for workers’ clothing exposed to waste. And to ensure the fit of the garment is achieved every time we have developed HunterPac® with an an AI sizing system that accurately fits garments and delivers with a convenient, multiple address capability.

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Virgin Trains

“Hunter was invaluable in the successful launch of our uniform.”

Natasha Grice – People Director

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Hunter’s vast ranges of general PPE, combined with bespoke designed and manufactured products deliver a cost effective, and unique image for the Local Authorities who work with us.

Same-day dispatch of from stock head-to-toe workwear and PPE product keeps our clients operational, complimented by our multi-award-winning proprietary dynamic ordering platform HunterPAC®.


Everything from formal corporate wear, workwear, PPE, footwear and other associated products all delivered from a one stop shop in individualised HunterPAC® parcels to the wearers point of need helps optimise our clients wearer experience.

The Hunter way your single source solution.

Local Authorities have uniquely benefited from our four innovative services within The Hunter Way. We have provided track and trace control systems for managing and maintaining their PPE garments along with using our unique Ai powered sizing system in conjunction with HunterPAC®, our award-winning online clothing portal allowing for fast efficient distribution to users with management oversight.

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Online body measuring software

Leading UK provider of Artificial Intelligence-driven technology solutions.

Using just the front-end camera of any smartphone or tablet, our body measuring platform captures measurements with great accuracy by applying a proprietary combination of computer vision, deep-learning computer algorithms and artificial intelligence. It delivers a personalized size recommendation tailored to fit each individual employee. It allows the quick and easy measurement of thousands of employees – anytime and anywhere. We will create operation uptime for you on the front line.

To compliment The Hunter Way solution, we have the ability to source from a vast range of global suppliers. Hunter’s global supply chain of specialist, niche PPE suppliers allow us to provide a one stop shop for all of our client’s needs.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you with PPE, uniforms, workwear, care, maintenance and a fully managed service.

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