Fire Service

Hunter’s focus is on providing a world-leading technology and decontamination solution to help reduce the risks of long latency disease.

Fire and Rescue Services operate in the highest possible risk environments and encounter levels of danger that most workers never encounter. We have developed specialised knowledge and created garments and systems that collectively support and meet the requirements of fire services for design, fulfilment, maintenance and decontamination.

Our use of innovative fabrics and technology protects firefighters from serious health risks, and by developing an AI sizing system that ensures a better, more comfortable fit, our solutions are in service worldwide. Logistical delivery is supported by our ability to maintain and decontaminate the garments for longer, safe use and in line with the sustainability regulations adhered to by all modern fire services.

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Dublin Fire & Rescue Service

“A major concern for DFB is managing the PPE and ensuring it is fit for purpose and complies with all legislative requirements, DFB are confident the HunterCARE® system will help us achieve this goal consistently for the duration of the contract.”

Terry Kearney – Assistant Chief Fire Officer

Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service

“SFRS and Hunter apparel have been working together for a number of years supplying the uniform and clothing for the members of the Service. Most recently Hunter Apparel successfully won the contract to supply the new uniform which was heavily focussed on quality and SFRS branding. The transition from old to new was managed really well and resulted in a swift change over and continued good service. Hunter have supplied Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service for over a decade and we can recommend them to other organisations.”

Dan Fearn – Deputy Chief Fire Officer

Essex Fire & Rescue Service

“Just passing on a heartfelt thanks from everyone at Essex County Fire and Rescue Service for the support provided this year with our efforts to protect our employees during the Covid-19 pandemic. Supply of essential PPE was a major problem globally early in the year and many supply chains across the world failed under the weight of requirement. It was great to see Hunter Apparel Solutions stepping up to the plate and solving those problems, not only for us but also for many of our colleagues nationwide.”

Sheldon Dyer – Head of Purchasing & Supply

Kilkenny Fire & Rescue Service

“We are uniformly (if you will forgive the pun) delighted with the PPE. All feedback from staff is positive, especially in terms of comfort and dexterity… The sizing process worked very well. I would be very happy to recommend Hunter to other customers.”

Frank Dunne – Senior Assistant Chief Fire Officer

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service

“ESFRS have been a customer of Hunter for over 20 years. Our association with Hunter is now entering its third decade and to date we have been very happy and content with the service offered to us.”

Steve Brown, Procurement Officer

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Track and trace technology for real time insights ensures the right PPE is in the right place, with the right person at the right time helping maximise operational up time.

Innovative fabrics, technology and award-winning design capability ensure our clients are optimally protected at all times at work.

Hunter set the industry benchmark with our multi-award-winning technology platform HunterCARE® providing professionally cleaned, sterlised, and decontaminated PPE to reduce the risk of long-latency disease.

Hunter Hero’s

Made for Darren
Dublin Fire Brigade

When you work on the front line, health and safety is paramount. But we find that for most company’s health and safety really means just safety, and health and long-term health is not actually factored in.

The Hunter way your single source solution.

Fire and Rescue Services have uniquely benefited from our four innovative services within The Hunter Way. We have provided track and trace control systems for managing and maintaining their PPE garments along with using our unique Ai powered sizing system in conjunction with our HunterPAC® award-winning online clothing portal allowing for fast efficient distribution to users with management oversight. This sector gains huge benefit from our HunterCARE® software solution providing them with a duty of care complaint track and trace system that looks after all their specialist needs.

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Online body measuring software

Leading UK provider of Artificial Intelligence-driven technology solutions.

Using just the front-end camera of any smartphone or tablet, our body measuring platform captures measurements with great accuracy by applying a proprietary combination of computer vision, deep-learning computer algorithms and artificial intelligence. It delivers a personalized size recommendation tailored to fit each individual employee. It allows the quick and easy measurement of thousands of employees – anytime and anywhere. We will create operation uptime for you on the front line.

Safety Solution Award Overall Winner

In 2022 we were recognised by the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) for our work in Improving Long Term Health Outcomes of Firefighters as the overall winner of the Safety Solution award.

FireHunter® PPE and workwear collection

Firehunter® is Hunter’s fire PPE and workwear collection that contains innovative, market-leading products such as the Particulate Blocking Fire Hoods, Firefighting Gloves, Wildland PPE and Technical Undergarments.

Workwear and Corporatewear

We offer an extensive range of fire service apparel covering all requirements of modern-day fire services and supported by our award-winning managed service platform HunterPAC®.

Texport® EN469 Fire Suits

Hunter is the exclusive agent in the UK and Ireland for Texport GmbH. The collection can be viewed

Undress & Ceremonial Uniform

Hunter is the UK National Framework contract holder. Providing a head-to-toe, one-stop shop for Fire, Police, Prison, and other public services.

Wildland PPE

Firehunter® includes one- and two-piece Wildland Firefighting Suits. Ultra-light and comfort fitted built for wearer comfort.

Technical Undergarments

The Firehunter® collection offers a sophisticated range of moisture management, antibacterial, technical undergarments for firefighters.

Case Study Dublin Fire

1000+ wearers
15 locations
10,000 items of PPE supplied in year 1

The Dublin Fire Brigade chose Hunter to provide a range of high-value, top to toe PPE to their firefighters. This was after an extensive wearer trial where the Hunter technical solution trumped the competition. Our propriety software technology HunterCARE® manages this entire process. This bespoke technical solution required significant R&D in product and service. Beginning with measuring each and every member of the team on site, HunterCARE® then created an auditable Duty of Care compliance system and greater efficiencies by tracking, tracing and maintaining every item. Hunter now offers a wearable technology solution which has set a new benchmark for PPE in Ireland. The project received resulted in a Best Safety Solution Award in 2020 at the Health and Safety Awards, N.E.C, Birmingham, under the British Safety Industry Federation section.

HunterCARE® makes sure our PPE is fit for purpose and Duty of Care compliant.
Terry Kearney, Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Dublin Fire Brigade

Case Study London Fire

5,000 wearers
233 Sites across London & greater London area
Full Managed Online Services

The London Fire Brigade don’t spend all their time fighting fires. Often they spend a great deal of time in the public giving fire safety advice and helping to fit smoke alarms. HunterONE® designed, prototyped and manufactured a completely new workwear range that communicates professionalism when carrying out these roles but also is easy to wash and maintain for general work and use.

“It’s really important that the public know what our staff look like when they visit their homes…The new workwear uniform not only gives our fire-fighters a really professional look, it makes them easily identifiable.”

Dave Brown – Third Officer – London Fire Brigade

Case Study UK Fire Service Framework

20,000+ wearers
Hundreds of thousands of items supplied
New design implemented

This national framework began with only 9 fire services from the Southeast of England for whom Hunter designed a new range of operational workwear. The roll-out of this project and the HunterPAC® managed service was so successful that Hunter was able to supply a total of 23 services through this national framework making this contract the most successful fire service uniform framework ever; a proud claim which is still the case today.

“ESFRS have been a customer of Hunter for over 20 years. Our association with Hunter is now entering its third decade and to date we have been very happy and content with the service offered to us.”

Steve Brown, Procurement Officer, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service

To compliment The Hunter Way solution, we have the ability to source from a vast range of global suppliers. Hunter’s global supply chain of specialist, niche PPE suppliers allow us to provide a one stop shop for all of our client’s needs.

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