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PCIAW Summit


The PCIAW Summit 2019 will bring together exclusive key industry professionals from Corporatewear, Workwear and PPE for this unique and intimate networking event marking the launch of the awaited PCIAW association and PCIAW website.

The conferences at this event will feature imperative topics to our industry including current affairs such as the onset of Brexit. Industry experts will inform and educate, brining you up to date with the PCIAW and explain exciting events planned for 2019, allowing honest audience feedback.

PCIAW Summit 2019 will enable you with the chance to:


Whether you are a buyer or a supplier, this
is a MUST.


Guest speakers will include John Miln Chair, PCIAW and Yvette Ashby CEO, PCIAW

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Simon and Roisin Hunter are delighted to be attending this event and hope to find plenty of opportunities for networking.


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