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Hunter supports BUMBLEance for 2019



Hunter are delighted to support BUMBLEance as one of our core charities for 2019.  Tony Heffernan created and runs this organisation and has grown it since 2017 into a vital charity that families can depend on for support in their difficult times.

In just 5 years they have went from one vehicle to 8 and have two more on order. Since July 2017, Tony started BUMBLEair to fly our #King and #QueenBees in and out of hospital and also started the roll-out of regional based services, they now have 4 up and running with plans for 2 vehicles in the North and 3 more down south.

We have completed over 5000 journeys in 5 years at ZERO cost to any family. 

“BUMBLEance takes so much of the stress away from travelling with a sick child. We would literally have been trapped and unable to travel to Dublin for appointments if it wasn’t for the BUMBLEance. Not all sick children can travel in a car, not all parents have big special needs vehicles that allow them to bring the equipment needed to transport sick children to and from Dublin. If it wasn’t for the amazing kind efforts, many of the sick children of Ireland would be stranded”.

Simon has said “sometimes it is really an honour to support a charity and in this case the motivation and passion that Tony has shown to this charity is truly compelling.  We are delighted to support Tony reach the full potential in the Republic of Ireland and develop further in Northern Ireland and beyond”.

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