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Hunter have joined forces with Business in the Community to make the industry sustainable

Hunter has joined arms with Business in the Community to combat climate change. The joint initiative identified that the uniform industry is a major contributor to change, and that action must be taken by all parties involved to reduce the impact.

Some of the issues included water consumption which is particularly high when it comes to the use of cotton which requires a significant amount of water to grow. Alongside water use, the use of polyester and other plastics due to the levels of microfibre being produced.

Think Sustainability Think Hunter

At Hunter, we value sustainability closely and have taken pre-emptive steps to become more sustainable. Some of the steps we have taken to address our environmental impact include:

  • Elimination of plastic as a packaging option.
  • Improved digital infrastructure to reduce paper waste and increase transparency.
  • Creation of a strong waste management system to eliminate unnecessary fabric waste.
  • Domestic manufacturing available to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Creation of a 2020-2030 action plan.

These are only a few of the steps that we have taken to reduce our environmental impact. We are committed to changing the industry for the better.

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For a full breakdown of how Hunter and the industry are combatting climate change, see the report below:

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