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Celebrating International Women’s Day: The Heartbeat of Hunter Apparel Solutions

As we mark International Women’s Day, Hunter Apparel Solutions shines a spotlight on the incredible women who form the backbone of our factory floor – our dedicated seamstresses. Their skill, passion, and unwavering commitment are the driving forces behind our ‘made at home’ manufacturing ethos, ensuring unmatched quality and craftsmanship. Today, we celebrate their stories, their growth, and the bright future they are helping to weave for the next generation.

The Legacy of Craftsmanship

“I started work at 16 years old mainly to make a bit of money in the City factory. I worked as a sleeve piecer and then moved to Hunters in 1995 where I learnt more than I have anywhere else. I’ve now made coats, dresses, trousers and so much more. Sewing is in my blood, my great-grandfather was a tailor and I think I got the love for it from him. I love making things from scratch and seeing the result, knowing I’ve made that. It’s like a family here at Hunter’s and the friendships I’ve made with my co-workers on the factory floor have lasted a lifetime.”

Shared by Caroline, one of our seasoned seamstresses. Her journey from a young worker to a skilled artisan is a testament to Hunter’s commitment to nurturing local talent. Our seamstresses don’t just sew; they bring to life the legacy of craftsmanship passed down through generations, echoing a sentiment deeply rooted in family and tradition.

Investing in Our People

At Hunter Apparel Solutions, we believe in the power of investing in our people. “Hunter’s has allowed me to develop my skill set…I can make practically anything from fire suits which we used in our advertising to undress for fire brigades across the UK and Ireland,” says another one of our proud seamstresses. From starting in the contracts room to becoming a Training Instructor on the factory floor, her 10-year journey with us reflects our dedication to encouraging career and skill development among our staff.

Our environment fosters growth, learning, and the flourishing of a positive work culture. “It’s like a family here at Hunter’s,” another seamstress adds, highlighting the camaraderie and support that make our workplace unique. “The people I work with on a day-to-day basis feel like family; we help each other out and share our knowledge,” says another team member, highlighting the supportive and nurturing environment at Hunter’s. Our positive work culture fosters a sense of belonging, encouraging each member to reach their full potential while feeling valued and supported. These relationships, built on mutual respect and encouragement, are crucial to our collective success and the personal fulfilment of our team members.

Introducing the Hunter Training Academy

With an eye towards the future and sustaining the craft of ‘made at home’ manufacturing, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Hunter Training Academy. This initiative is designed to harvest young talent, taking in trainees who have a passion for sewing and are eager to learn the ropes from our incredible seamstresses.

The academy represents our commitment to passing along the skills and legacy of our esteemed seamstresses, ensuring that the art of quality garment-making continues for generations to come. “Every day is different at Hunter’s, I am never bored, and I am always challenged to try new things,” remarks a seamstress, encapsulating the vibrant learning environment we aim to replicate in our academy.

A Future Woven with Passion and Excellence

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we honour the women who have made Hunter Apparel Solutions what it is today. “I am the 3rd generation in my family to work at Hunter’s… My whole life is surrounded by Hunter’s, and I would be lost without it,” shares a dedicated seamstress, illustrating the deep, personal connections that many of our employees have with their work. Her story is a powerful testament to the legacy and community that Hunter Apparel Solutions represents.

Their stories of growth, passion for their craft, and the legacy they are building inspire us all. With the introduction of the Hunter Training Academy, we look forward to welcoming a new generation of talent, ready to carry on the tradition of excellence that has been the hallmark of our ‘made at home’ manufacturing.

Our commitment to investing in local talent and fostering a positive work culture is unwavering. Together, we will continue to innovate, inspire, and lead in the apparel industry, honouring the skilled hands and hearts that make our success possible. Here’s to our seamstresses, the heart and soul of Hunter Apparel Solutions, and to a future that’s stitched with the threads of quality, passion, and craftsmanship.

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