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London Fire Brigade’s Insight into Deconology® LCO2+ Decontamination System

Hunter Apparel Solutions Limited (Hunter) was honoured to host Station Officer Adam Stone of the London Fire Brigade at our state-of-the-art LCO2 care and maintenance facility. During his visit, Station Officer Stone explored the revolutionary potential of our proprietary LCO2+ decontamination technology — a leading solution in protecting firefighters from occupational diseases.

Station Office Stone’s evaluation of the LCO2+ system marks a significant moment in occupational health for firefighting professionals. This innovative system signifies the commencement of a new industrial sector in the UK and Ireland, a shift away from simply washing PPE to decontamination of PPE. We aim to effectively safeguard fire service personnel from latency health risks associated with their critical work while addressing the fact that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified firefighting as a carcinogenic occupation at the most severe level of risk.

Our unique technological approach using LCO2+ has been developed to transcend the limitations of conventional laundering practices. By gently penetrating the PPE’s moisture barrier, it eradicates contaminants and carcinogens at a level unmatched by standard industrial processes.

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