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Inside the Mind of a CEO: Simon Hunter Esq, M.B.E. joins NAUMD’S Rick Levine on The Uniformer Podcast



On this episode of NAUMD’S “The Uniformer”, Rick Levine is joined by Hunter Apparel Solutions CEO, Simon Hunter Esq, M.B.E. as he explores the rich history, innovative spirit and familial legacy that drives Hunter’s as an industry leader.

Simon opens up about his journey as a third generation CEO coming from an accountancy background which he believes has equipped him with the skills to guide his family’s business into the technology industry, revolutionising the business from its inception in 1936. With a passion for fostering a positive company culture and a commitment to societal contribution, Simon acknowledges the challenges and rewards of leading a third-generation business that is preparing to welcome its fourth generation. Delving into what fuels his passion for the job, Simon talks about how he started his journey to becoming a leader in the specialist decontamination of firekit advocating for Firefighter cancer awareness and Hunter’s Deconology® solution.

From the development of FLEXGUARD®, the next generation of public order riot gear, to Deconology®, a decontamination technology superseding the industry standard for Firefighter PPE, Simon’s story is one of innovation, dedication and a genuine desire to make a meaningful impact on the lives of frontline workers.

Uncover the dynamics of working in a family business, the importance of company culture, and the future of the uniform industry through the lens of a leader who believes in the power of purposeful work. This episode of “The Uniformer” offers a unique glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of maintaining a legacy while pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of professional uniforms and workwear.

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