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Hunter visit to BUMBLEance to help the launch of their new vehicle.


BUMBLEance – The Children’s National Ambulance Service.

BUMBLEance is the world’s first ambulance service specifically designed and tailored for children, the first of its kind in the world.  Hunter are very proud of our association with this charity.

BUMBLEance was launched on Friday, 6th September 2013.  Their aim is to help with the transport of young and sick kids between their homes, hospitals, treatment centres, hospices and respite facilities.  Their main drive is to ensure that they distract, comfort and entertain kids as much as they can in the ambulance so as to ease the anxious wait and stress they feel when going to and from hospital.

The ambulances themselves are bright and have a fun exterior but the real gems are inside.  BUMBLEance has it all – Social Media Streaming, WiFi, Playstation, DVDs, Games, Books, Colouring, Sensory Lighting, Netflix, iPad Air, Beats Headphones, Apple TV and Apple Music.  There is always a paramedic on hand but there is also space for two parents/carers to travel as well.

Click on the link below to take a 360 degree tour of their ambulances to give you an idea of what the kids get to enjoy.

Hunter are delighted to announce that we have partnered with BUMBLEance for 2019 in sponsoring this very worthwhile charity.  Below is our Sales Manager Gary Holmes taking a tour of the premises and having a look at the ambulances that provide this much needed service.  The launch of the new Chemo Cab was unveiled this week and you can see one the young patients delight at the new addition to BUMBLEance’s fleet.  Gary was privileged to be able to put the Hunter logo onto the Chemo Cab and see first-hand the joy these vehicles bring to the kids.




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