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Hunter Apparel Solutions Limited: Pioneering Firefighter Safety with Our Deconology® Solution


With over 85 years of experience, Hunter Apparel Solutions Limited (Hunter) stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise in the fire sector. Our approach to firefighting protection centers on the firefighter, ensuring we deliver the best possible solutions in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), workwear, and our core specialism, the decontamination, care, and maintenance of firefighting PPE. We have set out to be the worlds leading expert in advanced decontamination for firefighters.

After 6 years of research (and building on 10 years of experience in operating several successful laundries for fire PPE), in 2024, Hunter launched Deconology®, the first LCO2+ Decontamination system in the UK and Ireland. The world’s leading LCO2+ system manufacturer has exclusively chosen Hunter to deliver this pioneering solution to the UK and Irish markets. This LCO2+ technology, having already been adopted in the United States, has set a new global industry benchmark in the battle to reduce risks firefighters face through exposure to carcinogens trapped in their PPE.

It is now widely acknowledged that water-based washing alone removes only 15% – 40% (proven by the NFPA) of these harmful toxins from PPE, whereas LCO2+ technology is proven to eliminate over 99%, significantly enhancing our capability to safeguard our firefighters. Claims in the market that high-performance decontamination with water is possible at high temperatures miss the point that no water-based system can decontaminate a waterproof membrane at any temperature regardless of what detergents are used, whereas NFPA have proven LCO2+ can.

Hunter’s cutting-edge technology, branded as Deconology®, is supported by Hunter’s award-winning managed service technology platforms: HunterPAC® and HunterCARE®. This provides firefighters and those responsible for their health and safety the confidence, visibility, and assurances that every possible care is being taken around their protection. All in alignment with Hunter’s sole purpose as an organisation, to “Protect those on whom society depends”.

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