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The World’s First EN 14683 Certified & Type IIR Tested Face Cover Reusable For 100 Washes

Posted 23.02.21

Hunter has developed the World’s First EN 14683 certified face cover that is tested for Type IIR fluid resistance and tested to remain antibacterial for 100 washes. 

The vision for this product is to offer a reusable version of a Type IIR face mask that would offer the same level of protection and address the costs, environmental impact, wearer comfort issues presented by disposable or non-certified and tested face covers.

This product was initially designed for distribution through The National Framework for Consumable PPE and has been approved by the National Technical Lead in partnership with the UK Procurement Hub. Due to the vast success of the Hunter Ultra in reducing costs and environmental impact, the Hunter Ultra is now available globally via Hunter to any organisation or individual.

Feedback from our hundreds of thousands of wearers has been fantastic and we have continued to modify the Hunter Ultra for improved comfort, fit and now available in 2 sizes to suit your entire workforce.

Benefits of the Hunter Ultra face cover include;

  • Huge cost savings through no longer requiring large volumes of disposable single-use Type IIR face masks because the Hunter Ultra provides the same level of protection but at a fraction of the cost due to its 100 wash cycle lifespan.
  • Vastly reducing the environmental impact from the disposing of face masks. Click here for more info
  • The Hunter Ultra has an antibacterial lining to offer an added layer of protection.
  • The Hunter Ultra has a fabric flap on the nose bridge to prevent condensation from fogging up glasses and for a comfortable fit

Hunter Ultra - EN14683 certified Face Cover Type IIR Tested 100 washes

The Hunter Ultra can be designed in any colour to include any logos or branding to match an organisations corporate identity.

We have now removed all minimum order quantities on the Hunter Ultra in stocked colours and quantities of the below 150 units can be purchased via the link below. For quotations of more than 150 units please contact us at Sales@hunterapparelsolutions.com

If you would like to speak to our team about joining the National Framework For Consumable PPE which is open to all UK public sector organisations and most key working organisations, please contact us at Team@hunterapparelsolutions.com

You can also check out an article by the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW) here