FireHunter® Particulate Blocking Fire Hood

Particulate Blocking Firefighter Hoods –  Anti-Particulate Fire Hood – BS EN 13911:2004

Anti-Particle performance (in excess of BS EN minimum standard)

FireHunter Particulate Blocking hood contains the Stedair particulate blocking membrane.

This membrane has the highest particulate blocking efficiency in hoods in the world blocking 99.99% of particulates.

The hood is also tested and certified to block out 99.99% of particulates even after 200 washes.

Hood- other features

  • The membrane only certified to block 99.99% to 200 washes.
  • Hood comes complete with both a barcode and Ultra High Frequency
  • RFID chip for track and trace purposes.
  • Hood Length is 26cm from the neck at back and 21cm from the neck at the side to ensure shoulders and upper chest are protected.
  • The only highly breathable, air permeable, and FR material consisting of a composite barrier on the market.
  • Unmatched breathability – Ret<4
  • High Air Permeability.
  • Extreme Durability – membrane effective after 200 ISO 6330 wash cycles.
  • No Adverse effect on hearing.
  • Fibres stay true after washing unlike nano-fiber hoods.
  • Quiet to wear unlike ‘crinkle noise’ of an ePTFE membrane.
  • Quick-drying.
  • No Change in colour after washes.
  • Size retention remains the same if washing guidelines are adhered to.
  • One size fit’s all- due to the chain stitching to allow a stretch.
  • Hood available in one size only – weight 280grm

The below demonstrates this blocking efficiency against the performance of a standard fire hood

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