Award Winning AI Sizing Technology – Solution to Sizing During Covid 19

Covid-19 means that traditional sizing methods can no longer be used safely because it is known that Covid 19 can survive for days on fabric. This means that each sizing set item could get infected by an asymptomatic person and that anyone who tries on the size set item may get infected. In short sizing sets can be a potential “Vector of Infection”. All organisations have a duty of care to their staff such that once it becomes known that new risks could exist suitable and proportionate mitigation should be put in place.

What is the solution?

Due to the unprecedented situation which now exists it is crucial that more appropriate methods of sizing and overall uniform and PPE management be considered by organisations of all sizes. These organisations will benefit from a safer sizing methodology for all employees without using a traditional sizing set of garments which could become a potential vector of infection for viruses.

This solution will also reduce costs, offer full traceability on all uniform and PPE allocations ensuring brand standards and your duty of care requirements are being achieved. All of this is achieved through a scan of the body being taken for your employee from the comfort of a private location using a mobile phone or tablet.Sizer Logo

Tech for Good at Hunter

At Hunter, we are pioneers of “tech for good” solutions and have 85 years of experience in the protective clothing and uniform industry, Hunter is the perfect partner to support you on a journey to revolutionise how your organisation approaches your uniform and PPE management. Anything Hunter can do to help improve people’s health & safety by innovative design and better value is at the centre of who we are as a company, therefore bringing SIZER to the market was a core improver for Hunter in 2020.

Hunter CEO Simon Hunter Esq, M.B.E. is a strategic advisor to SIZER. SIZER is the leading Ai-based sizing technology for the uniform sector globally. 

This transformative solution allows organisations of any size to work with Hunter to design and deliver head-to-toe uniforms and PPE for their entire workforce, all while being safe from Covid-19, reducing costs and increasing the speed of delivery of a quality product. We reduce vector of infection risks, save time, reduce sizing carbon impact.

Winners of the Best Application of Innovation Technology award at the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW)

SIZER® Accuracy

Nobody wants to use the second most accurate tool when it comes to sizing. Sizing must always be as accurate as possible, not only for safety reasons as well as atheistic and fit reasons. The PPE regulations require that PPE must fit appropriately, and this is also a duty of care issue. SIZER is the world’s most accurate AI sizing technology, but don’t take our word for that, Deloitte New York tested all AI sizing tools and found that SIZER was the most accurate in the world.

HunterPAC®, our award-winning web-based managed service solution for uniform and PPE, has been developed to work coordinated with SIZER® – meaning your entire workforce complete a simple 1 min body scan, their measurements will be uploaded to HunterPAC® and your employee will be assigned the correct products.


Simon Hunter Esq, M.B.E. CEO of Hunter is also a strategic advisor and shareholder in SIZER.

Sizer was selected by Hunter after a rigorous analysis of sizing technologies globally and is now linked to Hunter’s multi-award-winning dynamic uniform man- agreement platform, HunterPAC®. Simon Hunter Esq, M.B.E. said,

“Integrating anything other than the world’s most accurate sizing tool was simply not an option for Hunter. Our customers require sizing accuracy as a baseline standard as part of their contracting requirements. Inaccurate sizing kills customer satisfaction and drives up the cost to service contract as well as creating additional negative carbon impact. SIZER for Hunter was a “no brainer”.

Hunter is the leading UK provider of AI-driven technology solutions. We reduce vector of infection risks, save time, reduce sizing carbon impact, and provide the most accurate solution (Deloitte NY).

Sizer’s patented sizing platform is made up of two components:

A mobile app, which utilizes advanced computer vision technology to scan and generate body measurements.

A recommendation engine for clothing size recommendation, based on the computer vision calculated measurement and Sizer’s advanced algorithms, which integrate sizing chart information for high accuracy, before being uploaded to HunterPAC® to employee allocation.

Hunter SIZER® Sustainability 

Our sustainability solution begins at the very design of our products and is carried through to product delivery. Hunter is ISO 14001 certified and has made significant investments to improve our capabilities and outputs relating to sustainability. These include.

  • We offer to design and manufacturer your uniforms from recycled materials.
  • Our in-house R&D department caters for all manner of specific requirements in our UK factory including, religious, health or allergy, or personal preferences such as vegan uniform items.
  • Our UK Factory also produces all speak measuring garments which not only decrease delivery times but also have a significant environmental saving when compared to single items being manufactured offshore from multiple suppliers and the carbon impact of transport.
  • Our sizing process using Hunter SIZER® is completely paperless and unlike the traditional requirements for a team of expert sizers being required to visit multiple locations with sizing garments, all this carbon impact and operational disruption is now removed with the sizing being completed remotely in a secluded location.
  • Our solution ensures that none of your employees is put at risk of Covid or any other viral infection using traditional sizing garments.
  • Your organisation will have a considerable cost saving using our solution when compared to a traditional sizing and order rollout procedure.

Hunter Sizer is the Safest, most cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to complete your sizing exercises.

Want to learn more or book a demo of Hunter SIZER®?

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